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Spinal Alignment Massage & Orthopedic Massage

About the Practitioner

Michael Pushkin LMT ; Certified by the National Board for Therapeutc Massage and Bodywork, and licened by the State of WV, since 1996.

Training includes Orthopedic Assessment, Neuromuscular therapy, Deep tissue therapy, Sports massage & stretching, Joint Mobilization,, Myofascial release,, Connective tissue massage, Craniosacral therapy, Lymph drainage therapy, "La Stone" therapy hot stone massage & Swedish massage.

   Michael's technique is client oriented (directed) therapeutic massage. You will be amazed at how the benefits of the massage last longer because of the holistic approach. Rubbing muscles feels great and gets them to relax during the session. However, muscles (in their constant effort to combat gravity) not only tighten, but can shorten and cause misalignment of the joints they attach to. When misalignment occurs, the brain (in an attempt to keep things from getting worse) spasms (shortening contractions) the muscles in the area, and fills up the space with inflammation so nothing can move further. This will not relieve itself. The muscles involved need to be released, lengthened, and the joints realigned.
   So, in addition to massaging the muscles to relax, shortened muscles are stretched & lengthened; and weak muscles are toned.
   Then comes his unique technique to align the spine and sacroiliac joint which uses comfortable gentle advanced massage principals and techniques to achieve the proper alignment and joint mobilization. 
   Now the relaxation lasts a lot longer than an hour.
   The work done in each massage depends on what is needed that day. Posture is checked. Range of Motion is checked on all joints to determine the length of the muscle and various stretching techniques are used to lengthen the short ones. Each session is customized to meet each individual's needs at the time.
   In cases of injury or rehabilitation, if needed, stretches and exercises can be recommended to help prevent further problems & reinforce the benefits of the massage. The Intention of the session is to fix problems


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